SPIDA Support Site: Check Your Existing Requests

Check Your Existing Requests

To access the "My activities" section of the SPIDA Support site:

  • Log into the support site using email and password
  • Your name will appear on the login button. Select the button and a drop down will appear.
  • Select "My activities"

 All of your submitted requests for will be available for you to track the progress. Also depending on your permission level, you may be able to view all of your organization's requests as well.

You can click on the ticket title (which was also assigned a ticket number) to add further comments to the request and to check how the SPIDA Support team has responded to your request.

*Note: You must be logged in to track your tickets.  If you submitted a ticket while not logged in, you won't be able to track your ticket unless you have since created an account using the e-mail address used in your ticket and have subsequently logged in.